Centenary Functions proposed to be held on April 12 and 13 are being postponed due to CORONA PANDEMIC
Ceremony for handing over 113 chairs donated by The Emersonians & Rotary Club Multan
Ceremony for handing over 113 chairs donated by The Emersonians & Rotary Club Multan
Dignitories at the Annual Function 2016-17
Ceremony for handing over 113 chairs donated by The Emersonians & Rotary Club Multan
Annual Function 2016-17
Medal Distribution 2019-20
The Emersonians Executive Council 2019-21
The Emersonians Executive Council 2019-21


The Emersonians Association, Multan, Pakistan is an elected body of former students of Govt. Emerson College, Multan (previously known Government College Multan). It is the only organization of Old Emersonians which has affiliation of the Emerson College, Multan therefore its office is situated in the Campus. Constitutionally, Principal of the Emerson College, Prof. Malik Abdul Jabbar is ex-officio patron of the Union.

As the Association is a part of Govt. Emerson College, Multan which is a symbol of inspiration. Beyond any doubt, it is a matter of prestige and pride to be an Emersonian as Govt. Emerson College is a galaxy of history making personalities. Ever since its inception, it has set the tradition of keeping pace with time. Life at GECM is quite colourful and vibrant as a result of the unique academic and co-curricular activities.

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Ex-Officio Patron Message


Dr. Zia Ahmed

Principal Govt. Emerson College Multan.

The year 2020 is significant to my academic life because it opens the door to the centennial celebrations of Govt. Emerson College, Multan. This year reminds me of the academic history of this college deeply associated with the socio-political life of the people of southern Punjab. The college has been catering to the educational needs of the people of Pakistan by producing a large number of brilliant minds that are serving Pakistani nation all around the globe in almost every department of life.

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Dr. Anwaar Ahmed

President Emersonian 2019-2021

Message from  the President of The Emersonians

We are fortunate to witness the Historic moment of centenary celebration of the foundation of our Almamater. To make this event more meaningful ,we had planned to assemble in the old building of the college (presently Women University Multan) and the college hall on April 12 and 13. Our sense of pride was touching  the height of ecstasy, when  our seniors like Dr. SherZaman along with 8 former /present Vice Chancellors and former C.J of Supreme Court of Pakistan confirmed  their participation. But due to Corona (Pandemic) threat , we have deferred these celebrations with heavy hearts but with high hopes till our Annual Function November 21, 2020.

              Sociologists presume that post Corona era will force the reluctant ruling elite of our Country ,always struggling with its priorities to spend at least 6% of GNP upon Education.  Hence we hope that our Educational Institutions including Govt Emerson College Multan will play a pivotal role in rebuilding our Nation.

Contact No:  92,300-6300115

Email: anwaar.ahmad@bzu.edu.pk, dranwaarahmed47@gmail.com

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A Brief History of Govt. Emerson College, Multan

by Maulvi Mohammad Soltan Alam Ansari, President The Emersonians (2017-19).



In 1920, the efforts of a great lover of education, Sir Herbert William Emerson, the then Deputy Commissioner, Multan and who was later elevated to the position of Governor Punjab, resulted in establishment of The Emerson College in the city of Multan, which in those days was the centre of political, social and economic activity in the Southern Punjab

Speech of Chief Guest


It’s a great privilege to welcome you to Govt. Emerson College, Multan. Speech of Chief Guest,  Mr. Justice (Retd.) Syed Jamshed Ali on Emersonians Annual Function 2015