27 Medals Donated by 18 Emersonians

(Each Emersonian can donate Rs. 10,000 per Medal Dedicated to any Teacher of the College)

Sr.No Name of Donor


Amout Medals in the Name of
1 M. Riyaz ul Haq

(Ex President  The Emersonians)

30,000  Prof. M A Ghani (Philosophy)

Prof. Nazeer Ahmad Ch (English)  (Late)

Prof. Munnawar Ali Khan (History)

2 Prof. S. Farogh Naveed

(Ex President  The Emersonians)

10,000 Prof. Tanveer Ahmad Khan (English)
3 Dr. Anwar Ahmad

(President  The Emersonians)

20,000 Prof. Zaffar Iqbal Farooqi (English)  (Late)

Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah (Urdu)   (Late)

4 Malik Muhammad Saleem

(Saleem & Company)

10,000 Pirzada Ahmad Ijaz (Philosophy)  (Late)
5 Munir Ahmad Ch

(A Brilliant Student Living Abroad, U.K)

10,000 Pirzada Ahmad Ijaz (Philosophy)  (Late)
6 Dr. Nisar Hussain Shah

(Professor of Pharmacy)

10,000 Mian Mehmood Ahmad (Chemistry)

(Ex Principal) ,(Late)

7 Malik Zafar Hussain Mahay

(Advocate & Banker)

10,000 Syed Iqbal Abbas Naqvi (Urdu)  (Late)
8 Khalid Masood Khan

(Poet & Columist)

10,000 Abdul Majeed  Khan Sajid (Chief Librarian)


9 Mrs. Farkhanda Nawaz

(Ex Principal)

40,000 Captain Abdul Karim (Ex Principal)  (Late)

Musheer Ahmad Khan  (Late)

Muhammad Akmal Baig (Pol. Science)  (Late)

Muhammad Nawaz (Player of Volley Ball)  (Late)

10 Asghar Nadeem Syed

(Play Wright & Columist)

10,000 A.G.Farrukh Durrani (English)  (Late)
11 Syed Jamshaid Ali (Late)

( R.t.d: Justice Supreme Court  of Pakistan)

10,000 I.R. Arsh Siddiqui (Enghlish)  (Late)


12 Muhammad Afzal

(Ex Professor of  Pol.Science)

10,000 Taj Muhammad Khan (Persian)  (Late)
13 Jehangir Arshad (R.t.d Justice L.H.C) 10,000 Muhammad Anwar Raee (Sociology)  (Late)
14 Dr. Khalid Faheem

(Professor of  B.W.P Medical College)

10,000 Muhammad Naeem Ch  (Sports)  (Late)
15 Dr. Tariq Mehmood Ansari

(Ex V.C B.Z.U. Multan)

30,000 Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Malik (Chemistry)  (Late)

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Malik (Chemistry)

Dr. Tariq Mehmood Ansari (Chemistry)

16 Mansoor Hashmi

(A Brilliant Student Living Abroad, U.K)

30,000 Dr. Asad Areeb (Urdu)

Dr Anwaar Ahmad (Urdu)

Abdullah Ghaznvi (English

17 Prof. Syed Saeed Jaffari

(Ex Professor of Batony)

10,000 Rauf Mufti (Zoology) (Late)
18 Dr.Abdul Razzaq Shahid

(Ex Professor of Punjabi)

10,000 Rana  Muhammad  Younas

(International Footballer)

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