Emersonians Gallery

1 Pirzada Ahmad Ijaz (Philosphy)
2 I.R.Arsh Siddiqui (English)
3 Munnawar Ali Khan (History)
4 Khalil Siddiqui (Urdu)
5 S.Iftekhar Hussain Shah (Urdu)
6 S. Safdar Imam (Urdu)
7 S. Jamshed Ali  (Judiciary)
8 Mirza Ibne-E-Hanif (History and Archives)
9 Kh. Khursheed Ahmad (Biology and Sports)
10 Dr. M Anwar Nasim (Bio-Technology)
11 Naseer-ud-Din Siddiqui (Urdu)
12 Dr. A.B Ashraf (Urdu)
13 Latif-uz-Zaman Khan (English)
14 Abdul Majeed Ch (Chemistry)
15 Abdul Majeed Sajid (Chief Librarian)
16 Dr. Iftekhar Ali Raja (Health and  Social Service)
17 Qazi M Hassan Hashmi (Agriculture and Social Service)

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