1 Sahibzada M Farooq Ali Khan (Former Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan)
2 Makhdoom Sajjad Hussain Qureshi

(Former Deputy Chairman Senate of Pakistan / Former Governor Punjab)

3 Makhdoom S. Alamdar Hussain Gillani (Former Minister Health and Local Bodies of Punjab)
4 S.Ali Hussain Gardezi (Former Minister for Industries Punjab)
5 S. M Qaswer Gardezi (Founder Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and  Founder Member of Azad Pakistan Party Which played the role of Opposition as Progressive Party)
6 Ghulam Qasim Khan Khakwani (Former Member Provincial Assembly)
7 Syed Abbas Hussain Gardezi (Former Member National Assembly of Pakistan)
8 Malik Ataullah (Played a role of Progressive Opposition Leader and Established a book store Naya Maktaba)
9 Mian Ghulam Qadir Sandhel (Former Leader of Muslim League who Contributed Rs.70000 as Donation for the Establishment of Nishter Medical College Multan)
10 Malik M Rafiq Rijwana (Former Governor Punjab)
11 Sardar M Usman Buzdar (Chief Minister Punjab)
12 Makhdoom Javed Hashmi (Former Federal Minister of Health and Railway)

List of Politician

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