As per tradition annual function of the Emersonians will be held on November 23,2019 at 9.30 a.m in the college Hall. In the evening the dinner will arranged in the college. All members can obtain the dinner card by paying Rs.1000 to Sec.Finance Mr.Altaf Rasool Shahid [contact number 03009633022]. Extra payment of Rs.1000/ is needed if any member pays for the spouse or guest. A committee has been formed under the supervision of Dr.Razzaq Shahid and Dr.Maqbool Gillani elected Gen.Sec and Vice President respectively to organise a session of poetry recitation prior to dinner.
The Patron, Principal of the college Dr. M. Saleem has notified the unopposed election of the  following office bearers for two years:
1. Dr. Anwaar Ahmad [president]
2. Prof. Hamid Ali Hashmi [Sr.V.P]
3. M/S Noushaba Nargis [Lady V.P]
4. Dr. Hameed Raza Siddiqui[V.P]
5. Dr. S.Maqbool Gillani [V.P]
6. Dr. Razzaq Shahid [Gen.Sec]
7. Dr. Abrar Ahmad Aabi[J.Sec]
8. Mr. Jamshaid Rizwani [Sec.Information]
9. Mr. Altaf Rasul Shahid[Sec.Finance.
Members Executive Council
1. Mr. Muhammad Hashim Khan
2. Mr. Abdul Khaliq
3. Mr. Aamir Faheem
4. Ch. M. Farooq
5. Khawaja M. Farooq
6. Rao M. Akbar
7. S. Zafar Zaidi

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