The Emersonians Association, Multan, Pakistan is an elected body of former students of Govt. Emerson College, Multan (previously known Government College Multan). It is the only organization of Old Emersonians which has affiliation of the Emerson College, Multan therefore its office is situated in the Campus. Constitutionally, Principal of the Emerson College, Dr.Zia Ahmed is ex-officio patron of the Union.

As the Association is a part of Govt. Emerson College, Multan which is a symbol of inspiration. Beyond any doubt, it is a matter of prestige and pride to be an Emersonion as Govt. Emerson College is a galaxy of history making personalities. Ever since its inception, it has set the tradition of keeping pace with time. Life at GECM is quite colorful and vibrant as a result of the unique academic and co-curricular activities.

Serving the Nation since April 13, 1920, Govt. Emerson College, Multan is an ever-growing and the most distinguished historical Alma Mater of the Country especially, the Southern Punjab. In 1933, the College was named Govt. Emerson College, after Sir Herbert William Emerson, Governor of the Punjab, in recognition of his services to education. The institute is blessed with the best teaching faculty, ideal learning facilities and environment and highly impressive building. We build the nation by equipping the youth with moral values, self-discipline and the spirit to play their vital part in the progress of the country as the best educational product. Our students have been facing the challenges of practical life and opening enormous avenues of opportunities for them with excellent academic records. We are devoting ourselves in the most modern way to the shining stars of future. We have been creating history for more than nine decades. The Emersonions can be found around the globe.

All Emersonians are eligible to apply for membership of the Association. Elections of its various offices take place biennially in the Emerson College Campus. However, next elections will be held in November 2021. The Union arrange intellectual, social, cultural and sports events.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association shall be:

  • To promote social, cultural, educational and such other activities which foster and strengthen the ties of the Emersonians with their Alma Mater.
  • To strengthen the feeling of amity, friendship and fraternity among the members of the Association and their families.
  • To be a source of inspiration and guidance for the current and future students of the college.
  • To institute scholarships, prizes, trophies and other suitable incentives to encourage bright students to bring future laurels to the college.
  • To collaborate with the administration of the Alma Mater in achieving the above mentioned objectives.