WHEREAS under the constitution of the Emersonians, it’s Executive Committee is fully competent and authorised to frame rules for holding the elections of it’s executive committee;


  1. These rules are named as, “THE EMERSONIANS ELECTION RULES” and shall be applicable in all the elections of the Executive Committee of the Association, including the one to be held on the 28th day of November 2015.
  1. The election shall be held for the following positions only;
    1. President:1 (one)
    2. Senior Vice President:1 (one)
    3. Vice Presidents:3 (Three)
    4. General Secretary:1 (One)


  • Finance Secretary:1 (One)
  • Joint Secretary:1 (one)
  • Secretary Information:1(One)
  • Members Executive:7(Seven)
  • Members Executive (Chapter/City):1(one) for each chapter/city having atleast 20 voter members.


  1. The following shall be the eligibility for the candidates;
  1. A member to become eligible to contest for any post, must be registered as a member of the Association before six months of the dates of elections as fixed by the Executive Committee in any election year and has paid all the dues including yearly subscriptions on or before the dates fixed for filing of the nomination forms for any post of the Executive Committee.
  2. Following amounts by way of donations shall be paid by the candidates at the time of filing of their nomination forms before the Election Commision and which shall be Not Refundable;
    1. For the candidatures of President, SVP avd all VPs:Rs. 15,000/=
    2. For the candidatures of G. Secretary,
      Finance Secretary, Joint Secretary and Secretary Information:Rs. 10,000/=
    3. For the candidatures of Members of Executive Committee:Rs. 5,000/=
  3. A member who is aged 50 (fifty) years or above and has studied in the Govt. Emerson College, Multan for a period of 2 (two) years or more and has obtained a Degree or Certificate therefrom shall be elegible to contest for the post of the President.
  4. A member who is aged 40 (forty) years or above and has studied in the Govt. Emerson College, Multan for a period of 2 (two) years or more and has obtained a Degree or Certificate therefrom shall be eligible to contest for all other posts.
  5. A member, who on the day of the elections, is on the roll of the faculty of the Govt. Emerson College Multan, shall not be eligible to contest for any post in the elections.
  1. The Executive Committee, in the last week of every October of the election year, shall;
  1. Announce and publish a list of members of the Association, with all the dues / yearly subscriptions till every 10th of November of the election year. However the members, to become entitled to vote in the election, must clear their defaults, if any, before casting their votes.
  2. Constitute and nominate an Election Commission consisting of 3 (three) members of the Association, of which one shall be its Chairman. The Election Commission shall be all powerfull / independent and shall hold the elections according to the schedule of elections as announced by the Executive Committee . The members of the Election Commission shall not contest for any post of the Executive Committee.
  3. Announce the schedule of elections, including the dates of filing of nomination papers, filing of objections thereon, decisions on the objections, publication of final list of candidates, withdrawals from candidatures, the date of polling and the results.
  4. Every candidate shall be proposed by an eligible voter member and shall be seconded by another eligible voter member. The nomination paper shall be signed by the candidate, his proposer and the seconder. An eligible voter member shall be the one who is a registered member of the Association and is not in default of any dues on the day of filing of the nomination form.
  5. The elections shall be through secret ballot.
  6. Declare and notify the number of posts of the Executive Members concerning a Chapter (city having at least 20 members). For these posts, only those who are voter members of the concerned Chapter (city) shall vote. The other procedures concerned shall be the same.
  1. Special General Meetings of the Association shall be convened and held in the last fortnight of every November of the election year in the Govt. Emerson College Multan Campus. No Quorum for the these Special Meetings shall be required.
  1. The newly elected office bearers of the Executive Committee shall be deemed to have assumed their respective offices immediately after the result of the elections is announced by the Chairman of the Election Commission and the oath.
  1. All decisions of the Election Commission on all the above matters including elegiblity to vote shall be final and shall not be questionable in any court or before any authority.