Membership of the Association shall be for life and shall be open to:

  • Such ex-students of the Govt. Emerson College, Multan, who remained on the rolls of the college for at least one complete academic year and were not expelled or rusticated from the college or black-listed.
  • Such ex-faculty members of the college, who served the college for at least two years and have a clean record.
  • Existing members of the faculty of the college.

Registration Fee & Annual Subscription

  • An applicant on payment of Registration Fee of Rs.1,000/=, shall be enrolled as a member.
  • All members shall pay yearly subscription @ Rs.500/=. However, on payment of Rs.5,000/= in lump-sum, a member shall be exempted from payment of yearly subscription and will become a member for life. The registration fee and the yearly subscription may be enhanced / re-determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.
  • Applications for membership will be made on a prescribed form alongwith verifiable data for eligibility for approval by the Executive Committee.
  • Annual subscription fee shall become due on the first day of each calendar year. If it remains outstanding for more than three months, the membership of the concerned member may be suspended after due notice. If default continues for three months, the membership shall be terminated. The membership can be restored/renewed on payment of Rs. 1000/= as re-admission fee at any time along with arrears

Online Registration

  • Before going to fill this online registration form deposit Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand only) for membership of The Emersonians Association through bank deposit slip in the Habib Bank Limited, Bosan Road, Multan,
  • Account Title: The Emersonians
    Account No.    22847100255203